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by Richard Winchester

written by Mark Sargeant

Directed by Michael Bruno
Music Direction by Lizzie Hansen

Dates: December 5-December 20, 2014
Thursdays: $15
Fridays & Saturdays: $20
Sunday: $15

For show times and ticket information visit: http://stageq.com/crawfords

Christmas with the Crawfords is a hilarious tribute to Hollywood's "Golden Era" set during the infamous 1940’s Christmas Eve live radio broadcast of Joan Crawford and her children from their Brentwood home. Christmas with the Crawfords, created by Richard Winchester and written by Mark Sargent, originated in San Francisco in 1993, and has since delighted packed houses from San Francisco and LA to New York. The story takes place in Joan Crawford’s living room circa 1944, where she has scheduled a live interview with Hedda Hopper in a desperate bid for publicity in hopes of saving her career. Joan’s plan is foiled, however, when numerous Hollywood icons drop by to steal the spotlight, including Judy Garland, Carmen Miranda, the Andrews Sisters, Ethel Merman, and, of course, Bette Davis as “Baby Jane.” And when Joan’s “adoring” children take the stage, it becomes clear why Christmas with the Crawfords is called “the mother of all campy holiday musicals”!


  • Liberace/ Musical Director - Lizzie Hansen
  • Christina Crawford – Dan Pietrangelo
  • Christopher Crawford – Stacey Garbarski
  • Shirley Temple – Jose Vega
  • Joan Crawford – Terry Christopher
  • Baby Jane Hudson – Jim Chiolino
  • Hedda Hopper – Bob Moore
  • Edith Head – Wendy Hutton
  • Andrews Sisters – Kiki Moritsugu, Craig Schlagel, Tiffany Orr
  • Ethel Merman – Bonnie Balke
  • Gloria Swanson – Donnovan Moen
  • Carmen Miranda – Jose Vega
  • Judy Garland – Simone LaPierre
  • Hattie McDaniels – Janine Gardner
  • Chorus – Rosy Bayuk, Annemae Collins, Lauren Welch, Rhetta Hanson-Cook, John Kinstler

Production crew:

  • Producer/Director – Michael Bruno
  • Stage Manager/Assistant Director – Mark R. Albright
  • Assistant Stage Manager/Associate Producer- Louise Stout
  • Choreographers - Angenette Spalink – Dance Captain, Lyn Pilch, Katie Ramos, Heidi Hakseth, Remy Fernandez-O’Brien
  • Sets - Dan Myers and David Heuer
  • Props- Mel Marcum

Drury Stage
Bartell Theatre
113 E Mifflin Street
Madison WI 53703

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